Office Love Story for the Android platform offers you to get immersed into the life of a modern office. Here, it’s not a boring concrete box, endless gossip between shifting pieces of paper. Instead, you will find real work and even more real love.

Just forget the grim scenery of The Office Quest.

Local offices are illuminated with bright light, and angels in a masculine guise wander in the corridors. However, which of them will become your sweetheart? Should he be a hipster boss or a perfect assistant or someone else? The answers are in front of you.

No matter which line you choose, be careful. The game will not forgive your harem ambitions. On the other hand, your loyalty to your beloved will be greatly rewarded.

Key features of Office Love Story

  1. One new sexy employee;
  2. Four guys, ready for anything for love;
  3. A huge office, stuffed with opportunities for love and sex;
  4. A crazy story, unrolling before your eyes;
  5. Charming graphics, you will undoubtedly appreciate.