Danny never gives up. He’s always ready to fuck. This time he’ll be seducing another chick. Of course, he will succeed.

A good subway fuck

Danny has always been good at fucking sexy chicks, despite his unattractive appearance. Today, our hero was riding in a subway car and met a couple of athletes who were traveling from training. The guy was a bodybuilder, while his girl boasted a sexy figure and magnificent boobs.

The beauty in a short skirt immediately made Danny’s cock hard on. Now our hero could not calm down due to strong excitement, so he began to pester the girl while her tired guy was sleeping on the go. However, the bodybuilder noticed the depraved actions of a mustachioed man but did nothing because the girl did not resist the harassment of a stranger.

Apparently she lacked such caresses.

Danny drank so much beer that he couldn’t restrain his playful hands. Fortunately, the bodybuilder noticed nothing because he was sleeping by this moment. The touch of male hands excited her. As a result, she took the pot-bellied guy to the toilet, where she gave him a good blowjob. Then, they fucked.