What do you know about the year 1487? Do you know that it was rather nasty time when there were lords and serves who couldn’t anything about that? Do you know that if you were born in a rich family you could do anything and if you were born in a poor family anything could be done to you?

Well, that is the setting for this game which is called a New Dawn.

It all starts from the evil magic to awake from the centuries of sleeping and you are a young girl whose name is Victoria – an only one who can stop it. Victoria is a young and very horny girl, she is the daughter of a mighty and rich duke and she lives in a palace full of gold and other values.

She is an innocent girl that does not know how cruel the reality can be but she understands that when her palace, her family and everyone she knew was slaughtered by the monsters who have no compassion and no sorrow for nothing.

That is when you start your path and your goal is to stop the evil and stop all that things can happen in the future with your virginity and sex. In this game, you need to make decisions and play with your character in order to stop the apocalypse and save the world.