Have you ever wanted to play in the game that is not about the sex only but also about interactions with other characters? Did you ever want to become popular and make sure no one is making fun of you? have you ever wanted to gain success and the thing many people call prestige?

Well, if that all is about you then the game Ways of Life is just for you. At first, it is not so easy here to get laid. you really need to make it all gain the trust of the other character, and only after you cope with that you can get what you want and we all know that you want sex.

You need to improve your character in any ways possible, you need to make some cash in order to become more popular and attractive for the high-rank characters and you need to make them believe you are good enough to have sex with you. you only can reach that if you will give all you to play.

Note that the game is constantly updated with the new content which can be used to improve your gaming experience and it is hard to say what are the manufacturers going to add in the next chapter or how they are going to change the gaming process you already have used. Anyway, get prepared to very interesting and engaging activities with this game.